Sunday, May 17

It was a Good Week

I surprised myself with the amount I got done this week. I filled three big bags with clothes to go to charity, I still have the linen closet to do and my youngest son has grown out of a couple of things so I'll do his draws this coming week. I forced myself to be ruthless and it was hard but I feel much better now it's done.
As well as get my room done I packed everything I need for scrapbook camp next weekend. Sheree and I had decided we needed to take much less stuff than we normally do. So I went and bought a smaller container and I packed and I'm quite sure that I have everything I will need. I've also put photos onto a memory stick to go and get printed and I've printed out all the sketches I want to use. All I have left to do is pack my clothes and toiletries.
This week I really need to get the ironing done and get the house cleaned. I did most of the washing today and folded it late this afternoon so it was done and out of the way. Tomorrow that will just leave the house cleaning, although my 23 year old daughter is still sick with a flu virus (might have to take her to Doctors), she went out with me today to do a couple of things and kept getting dizzy and was exhausted and she had to keep sitting down. She is very upset about it because she wants to go back to work. Now my teenage son is getting it so I'm hoping he will be alright tomorrow because the boys have Tuesday off due to the teacher's strike. But I'm not holding out much hope, I think he may need a trip to the doctors and antibiotics as well, the coughing is terrible and sounds awful. My youngest son had it a two weeks ago but so far Ian and I haven't had it!
So back to the challenge for this coming week. I'm thinking I'm going to try ironing, sounds crazy doesn't it? I have 2 full baskets of ironing, can I possibly get it done in 15 minutes a day? I'm going to give it a go. I've also continued to use the washing formula and when I folded all the clothes tonight, again, everything was clean. I've also put bay leaves on all the shelves in the pantry, so hopefully I wont see moths again. Well that's my update.
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  1. i feel really proud of myself now. I didn't really get any cleaning or sorting out done through the week apart from cleaning my conservatory windows. But yesterday, was a big change, my girls and I sorted out all their clothes. It took us three hours to sort out all the old ones to go to charity and fold everything neatly so they now know where everything is. This week I will be definitely doing 15 minutes a day. I hope you have a fab time at scrap camp - I am so jealous.

  2. That's great Scrap Girl, especially if you can get them involved. It's such a big job sorting clothes. I had been hanging on to clothes that I was sure I would eventually wear again. It's all gone now! Very excited about scrapbook camp!

  3. Alaine,
    I'm such a loser!! I keep meaning to do your challenge and then life steps in!! I do however enjoy reading your posts...they inspire me!! Have fun at scrap camp!!!

  4. Staci, you are not a loser! I have done no where near as well as I'd hoped. In fact, the first two weeks I felt like a fake because I didn't do the cupboard I said I would! But you know I'm taking baby steps and just getting a little done at a time. Now at least I feel like I'm getting somewhere!

  5. Way to go!! You have had a super duper week, doesn't it feel great!

    Me not so great, I've done nothing more since my kitchen bench effort, so Staci you shouldn't feel bad, I know it feels like life gets in the way, but hey your clutter or housework or whatever you wanted to challenge yourself with will still be waiting for you when you're ready to start LOL

    Camp - hmmm getting ready will be my challenge after Dad goes home!

  6. I love my Tupperware in the pantry as it stops the critters from getting in. The only way to stop moths though, is to get your flour etc and freeze it before decanting and putting it into a container. The moth eggs are unfortunately already in the food when we bring them home! Hope your boy and your daughter feel better tomorrow. You've been lucky that you and your dh haven't been sick yet. It's awful when it goes through the whole family.