Tuesday, May 19

How's Your 15 minutes Going this Week?

This week more than any other I have been surprised by how much you can do in 15 minutes. This week the task I set myself was to do the ironing, which I had almost 3 baskets. Now I have to mention that I have one of those Clothes Steamers that is used to iron clothes while they are hanging, so it is a lot faster than traditional iron (which means I have no excuse for 3 baskets).
Yesterday I decided I would do the basket of denim clothing i.e. jeans and denim shorts because I had to use my normal iron for that. So I got everything ready, made sure the iron was full of water and fully heated when I started the timer. Well I got 8 pairs of jeans done in 15 minutes, I couldn't believe it and since I only had 3 or 4 items left, I finished it. I was genuinely shocked! I just couldn't believe I could get that much done in 15 minutes. Today I used the steamer and ironed 12 shirts in 15 minutes. I should have it finished tomorrow. Then I may have a couple of things to do on Friday morning from this weeks washing. But I will have done it easily, even though when I set myself the task I didn't think I'd get it finished. Yesterday I also got the boys cupboards done, so all the clothes have been packed up and ready for goodwill.
All this and it's only Tuesday! So what can you do in 15 minutes? It really is such a small amount of time and therefore easy to commit to. Everyone can do 15 minutes a day!

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  1. Well done. I have done well this week too. I have managed to clean out both bathroom cabinets and clean the two boxes we have in the bathroom full of bits. I have also done my ironing as it has come off the line to break it up a bit. I think this challenge is amazing and I am so please to have started it. I have even started to break my day up into smaller jobs and I am getting things done!

  2. That's fantastic Scrap Girl! Feels good to be getting somewhere with it.