Thursday, May 14

Pantry Tip

About six weeks ago I discovered that I had moths in my pantry and they had gotten into everything. I had to throw out hundreds of dollars worth of food. I cleaned the whole pantry (that wasn't every untidy or dirty) and I sprayed the cupboard. Now every now and then I find a moth in the pantry so I check everything and spray again. So here's the pest free answer!

Pantry Tip: If you want to keep moths out of your pantry place a bay leaf (fresh or dry) every 60cm around your shelves. The lauric acid in bay leaves both repels moths and stops them breeding.

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  1. Thanks for the tip I will pass that one on. I am going to try your washing tip too. Yesterday I cleaned two more cupboards and half packed a box and today I am going to sort out my cups and glasses as we don't need the hundreds that we have when 6 will do.