Tuesday, May 12

Washing Tip

I don't know about you but I spend a fortune on washing powders and soakers. I have a front loader and that has reduced my costs and I was told by my repairman to never ever use fabric softener. So I've recently begun using the following products and reduced amounts of washing powders. Now before I started doing this I was have to soak all of my husbands work clothes and half my boys clothes every day. I no longer do any soaking at all and I have had every item come out spotless.

Washing Tip: Cut the recommended dose (according to the box) in half. So if it recommends one full scoop, use no more than a half, less if the load isn't a full one, it doesn't matter if you have a top loader or front loader. In every wash add half a scoop of an oxygen bleach that is colourfast, in Australia we have a product called Vanish NapiSan In Wash & Soaker OxyAction Intelligence Stain Remover, it's in a big bright pink container and it is what I use. Also add a scoop (1/2 cup) of bicarb of soda, all three products go in together. Then lastly add 1/2 cup of vinegar as your fabric softener, must go into the same place that your fabric softener would (check your manual). I was really nervous about adding the vinegar because I hate the smell but I can assure you nothing comes out smelling like vinegar, it comes out clean and soft. The benefit of using the bicarb and vinegar is that they help clean the pipes in your washing machine, which will also prolong it's life.

Washing Tip: For tough stains, including grease or body odour mix up a paste with the Napysan Oxy wash and water to the consistency of peanut butter and apply to stain and leave for 15 minutes then add to a heavy wash load.

So try it and let me know how you go. I have been using this system for 2 weeks and I think it's great. I'd also recommend washing all your clothes in separate colours i.e. whites, coloureds, red, brown and blacks and sheets and towels. I also do a heavy wash and a light wash.