Tuesday, October 20

It's Been A While

WOW I didn't realise how long it had been since I'd done a post on this blog! I am however, still blogging and most of the time you'll find me on my book blog Alaine - Queen of Happy Endings.

Lots has been happening in the last few months. I finished the Preparing for Success course at Southern Cross University, even managed to get a high distinction for one of my assignments which was just amazing and I still can't believe it. So in February I'll be starting a Bachelor of Social Science, 201o will be a very busy year!

I've been having some gynaecological issues for a while now. Five years ago I had a Mirena put it because of constant heavy bleeding, unfortunately it didn't work all that well and when I saw the gynaecologist the other day he gave me the choice of a Endometrial Ablation or Hysterectomy. Great choice, however, I'm kind of attached to my uterus, and whilst it's true that I no longer need it for child bearing, I want removing it to be the last option. This is the third time I've been told that I need a Hysterectomy, the first time I was only 23 and wouldn't have my beautiful boys if I hadn't insisted on trying other options. So I'm having the Endometrial Ablation on December 6th.

I went to another scrapbook camp a few weeks ago with my daughter Annie so I'll post pictures soon. Sheree and I are going to the last one for the year in November and we are both really looking forward to it. It's always nice to spend a weekend together, away from all our normal responsibilities where we can just laugh and have a great time. It's our 'us' time that we both really love. Next year we are booked in to 4 camps which will be great!

Our pregnant daughter and her husband have moved back in with us so that they can save money to buy a house next year and whilst this puts a lot of extra pressure on me with meals and washing etc the good part is that they'll be here when the baby is born. We are all very excited about this phase in our lives and the edition of the next generation, there is just something so special about it that I can't even put into words. I just feel very blessed.

Well that's about it for now, will update again soon.

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