Wednesday, February 24

No More Posts

Having started University, doing a Bachelor of Social Science and keeping up with my book blog, Alaine - Queen of Happy Endings I have very little time. So I've decided that I won't be posting anymore on this blog. I was going to shut it down but I've noticed that the page counter is still ticking over so people must be reading it.

When I first started this blog it wasn't long after my Dad passed away in 2007 and I used it to help myself deal with the grief that I was going through. As they say, time heals all wounds and whilst I miss my Dad terribly, life has managed to return to 'normal' even though he's not here.
I've also had some major health issues to deal with and have been seeing a Neurologist, we are no closer to a diagnosis so I just have to live with the symptoms until something else happens or my symptoms get worse. Apparently, this is common with people who have neurological issues. This means that I am tired all the time and my memory is awful so it's all I can do to manage my book blog and my studies.

I will be posting photos of my scrapbooking to my book blog now and also I do weekly updates on my Monday post of what's going on in my life. Thank you to everyone who has read this blog, I truly hope that my journey through grief has helped someone.

To my Dad who was the reason I started this blog, not a day, not a moment goes by that you aren't in my thoughts, life is just not the same without you. My heart yearned for you the week that my first grandchild and your first great-grandchild was born. I remembered how very proud you were when I made you a grandfather and what a doting grandfather you were and how proud you would have been being a great grandfather. It was one of the most difficult weeks I'd had since you died, I wanted so badly to share that moment with you. The only thing that brings me comfort now is that I know you'll be the one waiting for me when it's my time to leave this earth, I can't wait to have you give me one your big cuddles, making me feel that no matter what, I am safe, no one has ever done that like you did. Forever your loving daughter xoxo

So thanks to everyone who has read this blog, please come visit me at Alaine - Queen of Happy Endings where you'll keep up with my life, my love of reading and my scrapbooking. PS I post photos of my gorgeous new grandson as well.

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