Sunday, July 26

Dropped the Ball

This week I really dropped the ball. It was a stressful week with Annie home after her dental surgery and then I had one or both boys home over three days with a vomiting virus. My second Uni assignment was due on Friday. So despite my plan to relax a little more I was really stressed.

But what I did get done was a cart that has been used for homework items for years. It's gone! It had become more of a junk holder and it only took me 20 minutes, a job I was certain would take a few hours. So bit by bit as I look around the house all those little annoying jobs are getting done. I also handed in my second Uni assignment, which I have to say would never have happened if it wasn't for my wonderful daughter who helped me and pushed me kicking and screaming.

This weekend I made a list of all the jobs I want to get done before Ian's birthday at the end of August. It's a very long list and includes lots of little jobs and some really big ones i.e. washing down all the railings on the back deck. I have 52 jobs to do in 32 days! As well as that I have my regular housework and four Uni assignments due in that time. But, Uni has to come first, that and my regular housework of course. So my goal is to get my jobs done, my assignments handed in on time and not get stressed. A big challenge but I can do it, if I speak nicely to myself and tell myself 'I can do it' rather than the nagging voice that says 'what were you thinking'. Doing a prep course for Uni is challenging. I actually started it two years ago and then Dad died a few weeks in and I pulled out of the course. It really is a hard course but it does prepare you well for the challenges of university. So here I am again! Wish me luck!
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  1. Good Luck and you can do it remember FLY rules a little at a time and you can achieve what you set out to do and turn off those negative thoughts. xx

  2. Thanks Jo, I didn't realise how much negative speak I had in my head at times until I took on this challenge. You are right, this week I've got to get my 15 minute timer out and use it. Otherwise I spend to much time cleaning and not enough studying.