Sunday, July 19

What a Week!

I have to say that last week was very stressful! Planning out my schedule last Sunday and then realising on Tuesday that I had to do five days work in four as my daughter was having surgery on Friday, add to that Kylie and her husband stayed over on Wednesday night and my mum came and stayed a night as well, to say that I was stressed is an understatement.

Having said all that, gosh I got a lot done! I got both my bathrooms and laundry scrubbed from top to bottom, including walls and I got two kitchen draws cleaned out as well as all the regular housework. I also planted up some herbs and a few veges and flowers. So I'm proud of myself, I did well. I do however know myself and I pushed myself a little to hard and my body paid for it. So my goal for this coming week is to get everything done on my lists but to TRY and relax a little more and not push myself quite so hard.

A few weeks ago I enrolled in a University Preparation course for 13 weeks. It's full time so it's adding quite a bit of stress with assignments due almost every week. So lots of study this week as well.

Annie (my daughter) came through her surgery (four wisdom teeth removed) with no problems and the first 24 hours she was fine. However, by this morning her face had swelled up like a bruised balloon and she's calling herself Mrs Potato Head, she has used up almost all of her pain killers but fortunately I've got some left over from my back injury a few weeks ago to get her through the night tonight until we can get another script from the surgeon tomorrow. So she is in a lot of pain and feeling pretty miserable, still she is a great patient and hasn't complained at all. She has the week off work to recover which it looks like she's going to need. She starts her semester of Uni on Thursday night so we're hoping she is recovered enough to not miss her first lecture.

On the last note I'm happy to say that my 'clean up after yourself' nagging is paying off and the house that often looks like a bomb on the weekend and takes me forever to put back in order Sunday night or Monday morning looks great! My husband kept the kitchen tidy all weekend (he cooks on weekends) and the boys have been putting their stuff away after using it. So tomorrows work load is significantly reduced compared to a 'normal' Monday morning. Should be able to fly through the house in the morning and get some study done as I'm very nervous about a big assignment due Friday!

Hope you all have a great week!
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