Monday, March 9

New Toy

I've been wanting one of these steamers for months and I finally got one today. They are the steamers they use in clothing stores and I'd saw one used and thought it would be great. I did a basket of ironing in half an hour. So on the plus side it's really fast, on a down side I have bad burns on two fingers and typing is painful LOL.

Today I did all the housework, washing and ironing. I even managed to get all the bed linen dry before the rain started this morning. I love it when I'm organised for the start of the week, it always seems to make the rest of the week flow more smoothly. If this rain keeps up tomorrow I might have a relaxing day reading and scrapping.


  1. So how do you use the steamer to iron. Are the clothes on coat hangers and you just aim the steam at it, or do you lie the clothes flat? How do you clean stuff with it, I get that the steam comes out, but how does making something hot and steamy get it clean, especially in relation to curtains etc.

    Hope your fingers get better soon, steam burns hurt like hell.

  2. You lucky cow! Is it like the one we saw when we were shopping for dresses for Kylie's wedding?
    Is it so good that I have to have one?

  3. Hi Jenny, yes you use it while they are on coat hangers and you rub the steam nozle over the clothes. Not sure about how it cleans the furniture, haven't figured that one out yet.

    Hi Sheree, yes it's the one we saw. Do you have to have one, no you have an ironing lady and that' still easier than this LOL.

  4. Sounds dangerous .. would just give me another excuse not to do my ironing LOL.

  5. yeah but the money I save per year not paying ironing lady could be spent on books or scrapbooking LOL