Friday, April 17

So Much To Do Today!

Whilst that pile of washing below is done, it's not folded or ironed. I have a long to do list today. So here it is:

  • Fold all that washing
  • Do some more washing (never ends)
  • Make Kylie's birthday present
  • Clean house
  • Go to 2nd hand book shop to get a couple of books for this weekends Read-a-thon
  • Do the grocery shopping
  • Bake some treats for weekend
  • Do 2 book reviews
  • Repair hole in waterbed!

How much do you think I'll get done? Well, I had better get up and out of bed since it's nearly 9am already and all I've done is read my Google reader this morning. Where to start?

3PM Update: Well I'm doing pretty well, cleaned whole house including floors and bathrooms! Don't know if I'll get the book reviews done though cause I only have Annie's laptop until she gets home from work. Hubby is still working on mine and when he only has an hour or two at night it's slow going. Should be ready by the end of the weekend (fingers crossed). Should have everything else finished by tonight. Will make Kylie present after dinner.

6PM Update: Hey, almost done! Just cooking dinner and then I can go and make Ky's present. Well I should be able to get most of it done anyway tonight. Who knows I might even get the book reviews done as well!

10PM Update: Well I'm going to do the book reviews right now and I started Kylie's present but figured out I only had one of the two colours of paint that I need so I have to go and get some more in the morning. I also realised that it's going to need lots of coats and then varnish at the end. So it will take me the next three days to do it. Not sure why I was thinking I'd just do it today LOL. Anyway, off to do my book reviews.


  1. How are you going on your list? Not another hole in the waterbed, you poor thing.

    I'm motoring through the washing, folding, caught up with book reviews I think?? Have yet to decide on my reading for read-a-thon or do shopping or dinner, oh then there's soccer training. Too bad it's not raining LOL

  2. Yeah doing pretty well, very tired! Didn't sleep well again last night. Just got to fold this washing, it's a big pile but I might fold it while I watch True Blood.

    Yes, it's the same hole, I obviously haven't been using enough glue LOL! Why does it always have to be on my side!

  3. I love how, even in the midst of all the household mundane stuff, you still manage to scrap, and read copious amounts. I don't know how you do it. I'm in awe!

  4. Wow what a list!!! Hope you get it all done then you can put your feet up chick xx Thank you for popping over to my blog as well. I just love the pictures and pages of you renewing your vows - they are so beautiful. Thanks for sharing xxx

  5. Thanks Dawny!

    Hey Jenny, LOL I have been a mother for 23 years and before that helped raise 2 brothers and a sister. I'm a very good juggler but what I know is that you have to throw things into your day that are just for you! Taking care of yourself as a mother means you do a better job of caring for all those who need you. Sometimes I still get overwhelmed but my husband and daughter always back me up so it's all good. Having said this, it took me years to learn.