Monday, April 20

Aren't They Beautiful Birds?

They truly are beautiful birds but NOT at 6am. I wake up every morning to the loud screeching noise of these birds in a tree outside my window. First I start dreaming about shooting them with a slug gun and then I dream of cutting the tree down that is on the public footpath, then I realise I can't do that so I dream of poisoning this tree. Then I wake up and I feel cranky even though I usually wake up around this time anyway. Lets face it, it's not pleasant being woken up by an unpleasant noise!
Well had a nice weekend taking part in a 24 hour Read-a-thon, and even though I only had 4 hours sleep afterwards and then 6 hours sleep last night I'm really not that tired.
Today I have another very busy day. It's my daughter Kylie's 21st birthday and her and her husband Troy are coming over for dinner. She wants BBQ Meatloaf, Creamy potatoes, Caramel Dumplings for desert and a Chocolate Cake with strawberries and cream. A couple of hours cooking there! We've already given Ky her presents cause we didn't know if she had the night off work but she does so it worked out well. Happy birthday Ky!
For other reasons that I can't get into, today will be one of those really tough days that you don't know if you'll get through. Some stuff happening in my family (not my immediate family) How I'm going to cope with it is unknown to me. I just have to keep busy I guess even though I'd rather hide in my room with my head under the covers.
This week I've also got to go to the hospital to visit my niece who gave birth to a 2lb baby girl on the weekend. Her family live 6 hours from Brisbane and can't get down to Brisbane until the weekend so Annie and I will go and visit her this week and see the baby. The baby was 10 weeks premature and my niece is only young (18) so I'm sure she is feeling scared. The doctors haven't been able to give them a prognosis for the baby yet but she is holding her own at the moment.

Well that's my day, I really better get up and have a shower and make this cake. Hope you all have a good Monday!


  1. I'm with you. Those birds are so awfully noisy. Kind of like God made then beautiful and then decided that was enough beauty, and then gave them a dreadful squawk. When I lived in Hervey Bay there was a big flowering gum in my yard, right outside my window, not only did they drive me nuts in the morning, but I was studying, and many a time I walked outside during the day and threw something at them to shoo them away...

    Hope your family things don't cause you to much angst. Enjoy your day with your daughter. Sounds like yummy dinner plans.

  2. Thanks Jenny, yes they drive me nuts! Daughter just arrived for dinner. Sheree came over and helped me get all the cooking done.

  3. How is the little premmie, Alaine? Is there anything I can help with - experience type stuff? If so, email me xxx

  4. Thanks Victoria, she's hanging in there. They are just waiting to see how she goes, not sure about eye sight and other complications of being born 10 weeks early. Been a difficult week for us all with stuff in my brothers family as well. Have to say I'm struggling to cope with it all.