Wednesday, April 15

A Pile of Washing!

I am usually very good at staying on top of the washing, because if I get behind in the washing that means I soon have a pile of folding and then a heap of ironing to do. But with our vow renewal, honeymoon, Easter and the school holidays I let it get the better of me. So today, while working my way through that pile in the photo I made the cards below. I love combining the mundane with the enjoyable!I made this card for my daughter's 21st next Monday. I used a new range of Bella that I found this morning at Photo Continental. I made 4 cards from 2 sheets of patterned paper, so that's not to bad. This is another Vow Renewal layout and the photos is when Ian was saying the vows he'd written to me. You probably can't tell in this photos that Annie and I were really crying. It was so beautiful. The paper is one of my favourites, Vita Bella, and underneath the photo is a pocket that I've put the vows we made to each other.
This is a family shot taken on the day. The paper is Yellow Bicycle that I've had in my stash for a while and I have so much I am going to do another page to go with this so it will be a double. Well all in all I fairly productive day, now I just have to fold that pile of clean clothes! Hope everyone's enjoying the school holidays!

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  1. Lovely cards, gorgeous layouts and hmm the washing, well done on getting it done!!