Sunday, April 12

I Do

I did this page yesterday afternoon but there wasn't enough natural light to photograph it. It's another of our vow renewal photos and me getting my eternity ring. Journalling says, "I waited 24 years for my eternity ring. It was definitely worth the wait." The paper is Wild Asparagus and has been in my stash for a very long time, the chipboard words are from an Ebay seller.
After I finished this we all sat around, ate fish and chips for dinner and then watched Twilight on DVD. It was a lovely relaxing evening. Today whilst the boys go down the coast for more Futsal I'm going to do some more scrapbooking whilst listening to my audio book and then I'm going to do some more reading of Dark Gold, the third book in a series I'm totally hooked on. Oh yeah, I should do some washing, my wonderful husband has been doing all the housework, making me cups of tea and doing all the cooking and meal preparation. No wonder I feel so relaxed! Hope you all have a lovely Easter Sunday eating your chocolate. Got to love a holiday that encourages eating as much chocolate as you can stomach!


  1. Another lovely layout Alaine. Don't overdose on chocolate LOL

  2. Beautiful layouts Alaine. A close up of your eternity ring would be nice too - would love to see it. I was gobsmacked at the number of books that you own, I don't have room, so generally read, and then give away - if I have four unread books, that's heaps. I think your new 'rules' are fair enough. I haven't bought books from those chuck out tables in years.

  3. Thanks Jenny. I have tried to take a photo of my ring but haven't got a good one yet so I'll keep working on that. I know it sounds like a have lots of books and I do. But I've collected books since I was married, Ian and I both have. My dream is to have a house with a library in it. Anyway ask my best friend how many she has LOL. She's really only been 'collecting' for a year or so and she has double the amount I do! Yes I'm telling on her big time LMAO.