Saturday, April 11

Happy Easter

We are having a lovely relaxing weekend. Yesterday I sat around on the new lounge all day and read my book while Ian watched TV, boys played Xbox and Annie read her book and surfed the net, it was wonderful to just relax with everyone in the same room. This morning Annie and I hit the shops and then came home and cleaned out her book case and we both counted up all our unread books. I have 178, actually after shopping 179 unread books on 3 book cases. I have 264 fiction books and I only keep books I really love and think there is some chance I will read again one day.

With regards to this revelation I have come up with a few rules:
  • No buying books from through away tables at book stores.
  • Only buy new release books for the authors I know and love.
  • Only buy new release books if they are highly recommended.
  • No buying more books in a week than I read i.e. read 2 - buy 2, read 0 - buy 0.
  • I have read 40 books this year so far, I have purchased 71. Shame on me!!!

This afternoon I have scrapped my first anniversary page and have been listening to a great audio book.

I love this photo of us, I have never seen my husband look more genuinely happy in a photo. It is Basic Grey Two Scoops, Bazzill flowers and a few other bits and pieces all from my stash.

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  1. Glad you're having a relaxing weekend.
    Layout is beautiful, perfect paper for a beautiful photo of the two of you!