Thursday, April 9

So Lucky!

We got back yesterday from our '2nd' honeymoon and you know I think I enjoyed this one more! I know that sounds corny, but Ian was so attentive, loving and romantic and he knows me so much better and knows all the things that make me feel special. I didn't open a car door the whole time we were there, we ate the food I wanted, went to the places I wanted to go and did whatever I felt like doing, even if that was sleeping LOL. Every time I asked him what he wanted he would say that this was about spoiling me so I had to choose. He's not a selfish man at the best of times but he really treated me like a princess.
This was the view from our balcony on the 7th floor. It rained most of the time we were there and the beaches were closed so no swimming. We didn't even get to go for a walk on the beach until the last day because the tides were so high there wasn't much beach to walk on.
Sunrise on the morning we left. It was the first morning that we could see the sun and it was beautiful. This past week, since our vow renewal have been the most romantic and loving of my life, I feel so lucky and blessed to have such a wonderful husband and an amazing family.
Our eldest daughter Annie, conducted the ceremony. I asked her because I read online that if you want a more personal ceremony that it is tradition to ask your eldest child. She did such a good job, she cried as much as we did and she shared in the moments like no one else could. You can read her beautiful blog post here. Thank you so much honey, it meant the world to us to have you do this for us and to share in such private moments.
We wanted a very private ceremony so that we could speak openly to each other without feeling inhibited in any way. So we only had our family and closest friends there. It was perfect and we both said afterwards that we wouldn't change a thing.

Now I'm so excited to have such lovely photos (thanks to Sheree) that I'm off to get some printed so that I can start scrapping them this weekend.


  1. You deserved your beautiful day & second honeymoon and now you have some wonderful memories and beautiful photos to remind you of your special day & hold close to your heart xx

  2. Did you honeymoon in Caloundra Alaine? The view looks familiar. Glad you and your husband had a wonderful time, lots of special memories. Look forward to seeing the layouts you create.

  3. Hi Jenny, it was taken at Burleigh Heads on the Gold Coast from our balcony. The morning we left I took a series of beautiful photos of the sunrise over an hour period.

  4. You had a very nice ceremony! Everything looks very lovely!!