Wednesday, March 11

My Poor Boy

Today my son-in-law had surgery on his nose. He repeatedly broke his nose playing sport as a boy and did so much damage that his breathing was compromised. So the doctors had to fix it. They told Kylie (his wife/my daughter) that the surgery would take about half an hour and then half an hour in recovery. So instead of coming home to wait she decided to stay at the hospital. Six hours later and a very distressed daughter, I arrived at the hospital and demanded to know what was going on. The surgery was much more complicated than expected and it took three hours, and then he had a lot of difficulty breathing after the anesthetic and was kept in recovery for another three hours until they could stabilise him. It was very stressful for both of them. Kylie is now tucked up in bed after having some painkillers for a migraine she got from all the stress.

I took this photo of him when we got to see him. He had a lot of bleeding and his dressing had to be changed every 15 minutes. We'll be picking him up in the morning after dropping the boys at school. He's so sweet, he even put me down as his next of kin at the hospital, telling them I'm his Mum. I'll have to make him his favourite Vanilla Slices while he's recovering. The doctor told him that he only had 20% of his tastes buds and that he might not like some foods after this because his sense of taste will be so much stronger. But he is very sure he will still love his custard!

After Ky and Troy are settled back at their home tomorrow I will be moving my scraproom to another room in the house. It's going to be a huge job, but I need to have a room for my Mum when she comes to visit so that she doesn't have to feel guilty for kicking one of the kids out of their room and bed. I'm a little bit excited but also dreading all the hard work.


  1. Hmmm, I'm sitting here wondering how you could package and send up a vanilla slice, if your darling son in law doesn't like them anymore lol.....

    Hope he recovers quickly. Nose operations are never pleasant. Are you going to post pics of the rooms you are changing around?

  2. LOL I'm sure he will still like them. I will make them next time I come up for camp. That's if they let me leave the house with them.

    Yes I will post photos when I get the rooms done. That's if I ever get started. Have a very sore neck so I have to wait for all the boys in the family to carry stuff downstairs for me. So in reality that probably won't happen until the weekend.