Sunday, March 8

Busy Week

I actually scrapped a page of myself, I've only ever done one other that I remember. I do try and do pages with me in them but don't do them just of me. This year I want to do a page for everyone for their birthday. I used an older range of Kelly Panacci paper.
This week will be busy, my son-in-law is going into hospital for surgery on his nose (he broke it a lot when younger and now has trouble breathing). He'll be in hospital overnight and since Kylie (his wife) doesn't have her licence they need me to do the running around for them. Kylie wants to spend the night here, when Troy's in hospital so she's not by herself. So lots of running around!
I want to get all the housework and washing done tomorrow and make sure I'm organised for the week. Kenzie has soccer training 2 nights and Rory and he have Indoor soccer on Thursday night and then next weekend Kenzie has a game on Saturday and Sunday. Of course, I've also promised Kenzie I'll go watch him play school soccer on Thursday, so it will be a busy week. Would be nice to have time to scrap another page as well. No promises though!

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  1. Well done on scrapping a page of yourself, such a lovely photo too.