Saturday, March 14

New Scrap Space

A space for two that faces the TV that is connected to Foxtel. So now TV is an option whilst scrapping, which means I can watch all my favourites i.e. Pride and Prejudice and Mama Mia (watched both while setting up)
Now my sewing machine is set up, along with my Cricut and Sizzix machine. This is great because I'm much more likely to use them now. I can't tell you the last time I used my Cricut machine, it was just to much hassle to set it up. On the wall I have some of my recent scrapbook pages. I just change them as I do more.

This is my scrapbooking wall, and yes I know I have a lot of stuff but what you can't see is the cupboard upstairs that is full. The great thing about this, is that now all my albums are on the shelves so that might get me motivated to start getting those baby albums done.

So why the move around? I needed to set up a room for my Mum to stay in when she visits. Currently one of the kids vacated their bed for her and she hated imposing. She has found life very hard since Dad died 19 months ago and I just want to make things a little easier. At least she'll have her own room to stay in now. Also, most of her friends are up here as she lived here for 35 years until her and Dad moved to a Granny flat at my sister's house (an hour away) before Dad was due to retire. He died eight months after they moved. It will be a surprise as I'd told her we would do it but she said no she didn't want to put anyone out. But I did it anyway. I went and bought her a King Single bed, I thought sleeping in a single bed would be easier and wouldn't feel like someone was missing so much. Silly me though, I bought and washed King Size sheets, not King Single (so I can't take them back and I wondered why they were so expensive, I was sure they weren't that expensive on the shelf LOL). But I got a pretty doona cover and a woolen doona because she's lost so much weight since Dad died that she really feels the cold. We've put some family photos on the bookcase and I've put books in there she might like to read. Tomorrow Annie and I will go and buy a lamp and bedside table and of course another set of sheets. Hopefully, she will like it!


  1. I'm sure she will. You've done a beautiful job of the guest bedroom and the scrap space! Hope you're happy in your new area :-)

  2. Wow! You sure have A LOT of stuff girlfriend!! Love how you've got two chairs facing the TV - makes for a perfect scrapping area. Are you going to post pictures for your guest room set up especially for your Mum. It sounds just lovely. Could you sell the King Size sheets on ebay, and buy some more. What a bummer! Did you think they were a tad big when you pulled them out of the packet lol......

  3. Great job sweetie, this is all going to work out for the best. I'm sure your mum will love what you have done to make her feel special and welcome & your scrapping space looks awesome...you are so much more likely to use things if they are set up ready to go!

  4. Forgot to mention...oooh there's a seat for me LOL very cool!
    Dont forget to post pics of bedroom.

  5. Hi Jenny, LOL yes I do have a lot of stuff and am ashamed to say there is a double robe upstairs full as well. Going to be doing some selling off on Ebay when I have the courage to open the cupboard. Lots happening in the next few weeks though, some good things and some sad things so all this is preparation to get through all that I guess. Do you know when I pulled them out of the packet I didn't have a clue. It wasn't until I hung them on the line that I realised they were King not King single.

    Hi Sheree, of course there is a seat for you LOL. I hope Mum likes it, I've gone to so much trouble, even put photos in there. Will take a picture and post it later today. Right now watching The Last of the Mohicans with Annie downstairs.

  6. Your room is great when you get the chance please stop by my blog at: http://scrapersdelight.blogspot.com/ there is something waiting for you.