Sunday, March 15

Mum's Room

Finally got everything finished in Mum's room. I've taken the time and paid lots of attention to the little details, even with the bed, even though you can't tell from the photos it's actually a high bed so getting in and out of it will be easy for her. There is a Scrapbook page on the wall in a clear acrylic holder (that I'll change each time she visits), photos of Dad on the bedside table, I even went and got a book by an author she likes and put that beside the bed for her. I've put a power adaptor under the bed so she can plug in her laptop and mobile charger.
On the book case I've put family photos, books that she would like, a candle and teddies. Put in after the photos were taken is a clock. So I think I thought of everything that Mum could want to make her stay comfortable. Hopefully, she'll feel better now she's not putting anyone out of their bed and has her own room to stay in, she can come over whenever she feels like it. She has no idea I've done is so it will be a surprise. I've planned all her favourite meals this week as well so maybe I can get some weight on her before she goes home. She has always been a thin person but she has lost so much weight since my Dad died that she is just skin and bones now. My sister cooks all her dinners but if someone doesn't feed her, she doesn't eat and my sister works full time so Mum's by herself a lot.
So another busy week and unfortunately I will probably not do any scrapbooking this week. I have my first physio appointment for my right shoulder. I damaged it last year when I had a fall and it's continued to get worse. Doctor said I have to try physio and if that doesn't work then it's off to see an orthopedic surgeon. But I'm looking forward to going and hopefully getting some relief.
Even though it was a busy weekend, it was nice. Got lots done, spent lots of time with Annie, watched movies, Return to Me, Fool's Gold, The Last of the Mohican's and Twilight! So it was a good weekend.


  1. Thanks Alaine for your kind comments you left on my blog. One day at a time hey.....

    Your room looks gorgeous and your thoughtfulness is really special. I'm sure your Mum will have a lovely surprise. Enjoy your week with her, and all the yummy meals you'll prepare. Hope you get some relief from your shoulder. I have always found physiotherapy to be really helpful, even with chronic stuff.

  2. The room looks comfy and welcoming. I'm sure she will love it. Good on you for making a special place for her, that's so lovely.