Monday, February 23

My Creative Escape

It was so nice to go to scrapbook camp. Sheree and I haven't been since May last year and we've really missed seeing everyone. There is something special about Scrapbook Camp at Daisy Chain, this is our fourth year of going but although we only catch up with these ladies twice a year it is just like going home. One of the things I love is the depth of conversation held over the course of three days, it seems to me that people there share a part of their souls with each other. Maybe it's because we are all Mum's with families we are devoted to and looking at pictures of people you love whilst scrapping all weekend, makes you feel emotional and so you talk more openly. Maybe it's just the cosy atmosphere and the fun and laughter that makes you feel so comfortable. Whatever it is, it is special. Catching up with Jenny, Gina and Sue and getting to know Lisa was a special highlight of this camp. Of course, chatting about favourite books and sharing Audio Books was also great! Sheree and I got to talk about our two favourite subjects, books and scrapbooking! Sitting and talking to Barbie in the early hours of Sunday morning (another camp tradition) started to get me excited about Ian and I renewing our vows on our 25th Wedding anniversary this year (it also helps that Ian picked up my ring on the weekend while I was away and is now teasing me with it).

Camps at Daisy Chain have become so popular that we had to book in to camps right up until February next year! We have put our name on the waiting list for May and are booked in for October and November. So if we are lucky we will fit in more than two camps this year.

Back to blogging! I know I haven't blogged much since December last year and that's because over the summer life always gets busy and I don't have time for scrapbooking and other things! But, I'm now back into the swing of things and my plan is to unpack and tidy my scraproom this week and then I can get back to it! Have plenty of audio books to listen to while I scrap and the housework is all up to date so no excuses!

Only did four layouts at camp and a canvas so I'll photograph them tomorrow!


  1. Was so great to meet you and Sheree at camp. I think my life has changed forever as I am now addicted to audio books thanks to you! I can't wait to catch up with you again at future camps or if you are ever visiting the coast again. Glad we can keep in touch in blog and facebook land in the meantime!

  2. Alaine, I'm sharing the love & have passed along the very meaningful "PROXIMIDADE BLOG AWARD" to you!

    Please check my Blog for details! xx

  3. Looks like you two had such a great time!!