Friday, February 27

Thank God it's Friday

Well I have no idea where the week went, but I'm glad it's the weekend all the same. I can honestly say that I did very little, usually when I get back from scrapbook camp all I want to do is keep scrapping. Sadly not this time! In fact, when my BF mentioned scrapping next week I panicked and went and unpacked, which she thought was very funny. Apart from that, I've read a couple of books and kept the house tidy, without doing any actual cleaning (impressive if you ask me). I should mention that it was spotless when I went away so it isn't as though it needed anything major anyway.
This weekend my husband and I are going out to look for a place to have our 25th wedding anniversary vow renewal. When we got married I wanted a garden wedding, but things worked out differently. It's going to be a very casual jeans and t-shirt kind of affair with just a couple of family members and my BF and her family.
So back to scrapbooking or the lack of it! I spent a little time in my scrapbook room this afternoon and did some 'moving around'. I had to take pages out of the current work album and put them into the albums they belong in. What I discovered was not pleasant, in fact, it was kind of depressing! I have scrapped more photos of my dog than my children as babies! In the last couple of years I have done no back scrapping at all, I haven't really even kept up with the year. I need a plan!
The only thing I've come up with so far is to scrap a page reflecting each month's events and then the rest of my scrapping time could be devoted to back scrapping. This way I could also work on the kids individual albums. The pages I do for the boys generally include them both so they go in my album. I've done nothing for their individual albums for quite a while. Their school albums jump from 2005 to 2008, and the girls, well, did they go to school? So there is a lot to do including finishing Kylie and Troy's wedding album for them. So the goal for this weekend is to start scrapping again. I haven't scrapped at home since November so I need to get started.
Hope you all have a great weekend!

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