Tuesday, January 27

Back to School

Happy when they left and happy when they returned! I spent the whole day worrying and of course, just like every other year they are fine.

After school we went to the Orthodontist and had his spacers put on and then he has his braces on next Tuesday. So it was a big day, but all is good! Now tomorrow I can relax and enjoy myself without having to worry!


  1. Weird seeing Rory in a different coloured school shirt, won't take long to get used to I guess. Glad first day for both went well xx

  2. Hi I am the Administrator of the Scraptastic Award. You came in 3rd place. The first place winners have not responded back to my posting or e-mails therefore they will no longer be able to clam the award. They have past the time to get back with me on who they would like to nominate for their people. Would you please e-mail me 5 nominated sights that you would like to see in the votes for this month. Thank you

  3. Hi Becca, I can't seem to access your page. Can you tell me your email or web address. You've asked me to email you but I don't have your email address.