Tuesday, February 3

Tag, you're it!

I've been tagged by Sheree from Excerpts from the Edge. This is a photo challenge, go to the 6th photo folder on your PC, choose the 6th photo and explain what the photo's about ...This is a photo of my very famous, much desired 'Vanilla Slice'. It can cure many ills, and cheer the saddest of spirits, oh and it tastes as good as it looks. Anyway I took this photo for Recipe cards that I made for an Off the Page Project.

I'm tagging:
Danielle @ Homespun with Heart
Kadee @ Kadee Morrison Designs
Leslie @ Live Love Laugh
Tamara @ Scrapbooking Friends
Kjirsten @ Planet Hartwell
Sherry @ Sassy Schtuff


  1. OMG my all time favourite, to die-for, yummy treat. It must be a sign, that particular photo coming up...hint hint LOL

  2. LOL I knew you'd say that! Would have made them this week but it's been to busy and it's only Tuesday! Will put them on next weeks list.