Tuesday, September 16

Devastating News

Yesterday started as just another ordinary day, except I had invited my BF over to scrap with me. She was waiting on some news, actually it was pathology results on a mole her husband had cut out of his back on Friday night and I didn't want her to sit at home and worry. I had a feeling the news wasn't going to be good but I remained hopeful. Her Mum died from Melanoma cancer almost 5 months ago so I kept telling myself life just can't be that cruel. Unfortunately it was and the news came through that one of the moles was in fact Melanoma. I looked after her until her husband arrived from work to pick her up. It was so hard to try and say the 'right' things when all I wanted to say was that life really sucks and this is not fair. I told her she is a strong woman and has to dig deep and draw on her inner strength to be their for her husband and sons who I knew would be devastated. She did really well and I'm so proud of her. I wanted to write about it last night on my blog but didn't think it was appropriate. She has now put her story on her blog and you can read it here. Let this be a reminder to us all to be vigilant about getting our skin checked and looking after our health.
For me, this is a reminder to count everyday as a blessing and make sure you do everything you can to let the people you love know how important and special they are. As my BF and her husband face a difficult and uncertain future as they wait and prayer for the next 2 years that everything will be ok, I know that the marriage they have built over the last few months will see them through. So visit her blog, read her story and say a prayer for them.

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