Sunday, September 14

The Wedding and the Butterfly

Kylie and Troy decided they wanted to release butterflies at their wedding as a way of remembering the people that they love that have past over. The photographer had said that it is very difficult to get photos of the them as they usually fly off straight away. Well one of them stayed and stayed and stayed. In fact, it stayed with them through out an hour and a half of having their photos taken. When the photographer said 'OK, shot's over' the butterfly just flew away. The photographer and all the bridal party were amazed, as was I. Everyone had a different idea of who they thought made the butterfly stay, but I think they all pooled their energy together. My Dad and Troy's Dad, Jessica (my daughter) and Hayden (Troy's nephew) but mostly I think it was the two Dad's way of saying we are here with you on the most important day of your lives and forever when you look at your wedding photos you will know that we were there with you. We all felt as though it was this special little wedding day miracle!
I am so grateful that my Dad found a way to show us he was with us, I had felt so sad in the weeks leading up to the wedding thinking about him not being there but that butterfly somehow made it all seem better. I also know that it meant the world to Troy, his Dad died when he was only one and his Uncle presented Troy with his Dad's leather jacket at the Wedding. It's just such a blessing to know that they were with us all.


  1. hey looked for you at soccer...where were you hiding???

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