Thursday, August 21

What the Hell is Wrong With Some Men

You date them for however long in your life you were willing to give up to them, you come to your senses and say goodbye and move on to the next chapter in your life and like stray dogs they rear their ugly head every now and then just to make sure that you remember them. I had one of these stray dogs who turned up at my parents and sisters house for years, even asked me to have an affair with him when I was 7 months pregnant with my second child and he was about to get married, idiot! Then a couple of years later he told my sister that I married my husband on the rebound from him. What self flattery, what a high opinion he had of himself! I guess it was just to hard for him to believe that I hit the jackpot and he wasn't even a minor prize!
Worse still is watching losers want your daughter back or want to be a part of her life when they are in a relationship with a baby. One of them was an idiot and didn't realise what he 'could' have had until it got away and then has spent the next 4 years obsessing over it and begging her, and I do mean begging her to see him again just as 'friends'. The other was a sleaze bag who violated her and our family and now says he misses her and her family! You have to be kidding me! After what he did, how he can entertain the idea even as a fantasy, that she would want to have any communication with him is delusional. During Kristianne's time with this loser my mother's intuition was strong and powerful, I had that feeling in my gut that she was in trouble. I fought tooth and nail to save my daughter from this hideous excuse for a human being, even when every one told me I was over-reacting or being over-protective. But I fought and I fought hard, this was not a battle I was prepared to lose, I was not going to lose my beautiful daughter and the life I knew waited for her. I won the fight, she came to her senses and shook of thefog that had been encompassing her head and then I knew she was free again from the spell. It took a year for her to tell us what he'd done to her and our family and then I fought again. I could kill him for the things he did, but my desire to preserve my daughter and family are stronger than his evil.
Look I can understand that she is hard to get over, she is beautiful, highly intelligent and has more heart and soul to her than any person I know, but she doesn't look over her shoulder, unless she's having good memories, some memories aren't worth the effort of even thinking about. Besides the time she spent with these males didn't exactly inspire good memories and she has had to work hard not to be haunted by them. She is special and loyal and when 'he' comes along she will belong to him and him alone, she won't have any 'extras' hanging around!
So to all those men who are looking over their shoulder and being 'unfaithful' to the current woman in their lives who love them, even in their thoughts, 'GET LOST'! Don't you know that the fact that you do this whilst in a relationship makes you look like a bigger mistake than we already think you were. We don't think of you ever, unless having a nightmare! Go be a real man, like the one I married, he hasn't spent our married life looking over his shoulder, he has spent his life looking beside his shoulder at me and I at him. That is real and having spent time with men like you, just makes us realise how lucky we are for what we've got.

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