Wednesday, August 20

Sketches by Tamara Design Card Team

My 6 months on the design team at Sketches by Tamara has come to an end. These are my last two cards! I wasn't being morbid when I created them, it's just that life has taught me this past year that you have to be prepared and since I love giving hand made cards I will now have a couple of Sympathy cards (really hoping not to need them though).

I really like the time limit on this design team as I think it's easier not to have to make an indefinite commitment and it helps keep things fresh. I know that I like to see different scrapbookers on sites I visit. The same people month after month can become a little boring. Anyway, I just want to thank Tamara for the time I've had on the card design team, it has helped me get through the most difficult year of my life.

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