Friday, August 22

Happily Ever After

I don't have a normal sized set of wedding photos. We got the proofs and then didn't do anything for a couple of years and then found out the photographer had sold the business, well anyway we missed out. Last year I got the proofs out and scanned them all and changed them to black and white. The largest photo I could print was 3x2 so I decided to scrap them in 8x8. This is the first page of our wedding album, it is a white Bazzill album.
Because of my experiences I wanted to make sure that Kylie and Troy had great photos. I got a fantastic photographer, Andrew Curtis Mahar from Studio 92 and I am paying to get the a high resolution copy of the photographs on DVD, that way we can get them printed in any size whenever we want and I can also send copies to family members that don't live in Brisbane. But of course the main reason is that I will have gorgeous photos to scrapbook with. So you might call this a little practise, although Kylie and Troy's theme will be in Red, Black & White. Our wedding was Pink & Grey, which was popular in the 80's. I don't know if I will do their whole album in the same patterned paper, I tend to get bored when I do that. I am looking forward to it though, it will be so good to scrapbook professional photos! It will be so exciting to give them their finished album!

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