Sunday, August 24

Wedding Stress

Why is it that we are all so stressed? The bride is stressed about money and the cost of everything, but I think all bride's are stressed about that. There isn't a lot left to do, most of the small details have been attended to already. I made the Bomboniere's last night and today, I still have to do the place cards. I have started fiddling but haven't come up with anything I like yet. I thought it would be such an easy job but in this case because the table decorations are so beautiful, less is more. But I'm not stressed about it. So why are we all so stressed?
I honestly don't know! We blow up at each other and then we sit down and talk and then pull together to help each other however we can.
I know that all this will be worth it on the day as it always is. The bride will be gorgeous, the groom handsome, my daughter and sons will look fantastic, when I look at the father of the bride walking his daughter down the isle and I will be reminded of why I love him so much. It will be a perfect day and I will have fantastic photographs to scrapbook. I will be so proud of this family I have created with a wonderful man.
Now if we can just get through the next 12 days!


  1. We will! We just have to keep getting the superglue out when we fall apart. As long as the tube doesn't run out, we'll be fine :-)

    You did a beautiful job of the bombom-thingies.

  2. "All for one and one for All". Like the three muskateers, together we will get thru!
    Don't worry, we won't run out of superglue, Neil has more in stock.