Wednesday, August 27

The Wedding Dress

I just don't understand why wedding dresses seem to be a hassle. You order the dress that you really want and they don't deliver on time. Kylie was promised her dress would be ready to be picked up on Monday, when she rang they said 'no, it is being shipped from Melbourne on Monday'. After having a little to say to them and telling them of the unnecessary stress they are causing the bride they said they'd do their best. Well the best they can do is get the dress here by Friday! Of course, it's not their fault, it's the manufacturer and the dress was never ordered from the designer. I couldn't care less who is at fault, my daughter doesn't have a dress that is costing her a small fortune!
Speaking of small fortune, I took my dress to be taken in, it has to come down a whole size, which I already knew because it was a size larger than I usually buy. Of course, the store didn't have my size and said just have it taken in, no big deal. No big deal!!!! I could buy another dress for the cost of taking this one in! In fact, I could buy a whole wardrobe for the cost of this dress that I will wear once in my lifetime! It is a beautiful dress but I will never have occasion to wear it again unless I want to wear it to everyone of my kids weddings, which believe me I'm tempted to do. But I'm told that I'm not allowed to whinge about the cost of the dress so I better stop now because I've already been in enough trouble for it! You know I much prefer to waste money on scrapbooking supplies than clothes!

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