Monday, September 1

Wedding, Wedding & More Wedding

This week there is no time for anything but the Wedding, well that and making 30 cup cakes for my 9 year old son to take to school on Wednesday because his teacher is leaving and he will miss the farewell party on Friday because he will be at the Wedding. Today, I went and had my nails and feet done with Sheree, got some bridal 'thongs' for Kylie because her shoes are going to be a little painful, got my jewellery, picked up Kylie's wedding dress, took Kenzie to have his mono brow waxed and went to the Chiropractor.
Tomorrow I have only to go and get my waxing done and my eyelashes tinted. At home I have to finish to the place cards, make a father's day card for my Dad (which I know is silly, it just sits beside his ashes on Mum's cabinet, but I just have to do it). I also have to make 30 cup cakes, a card for Kenzie's teacher and some present. Oh I also have to make the guest book for the wedding! Tomorrow night all of the 'girl's' are going out to dinner and a movie. Mama Mia of course, what a perfect pre wedding movie!
There is still lots to do but I only feel a little stressed about getting it done! I'm really looking forward to the wedding being over but I know that I will enjoy the day and I can't wait to see the photos that I will have to scrap.

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