Wednesday, August 13

Larger Than Life

There really are no words to express the grief I feel today. The loss of my father has left a gaping hole in my life. I know he's still around, I feel his presence sometimes but it's not enough, it will never be enough. I can't believe that he's not suffering watching all the pain that everyone is going through.
He was a larger than life man, his presence filled a room. He earned respect, he commanded attention (when he wanted it) but most of all he inspired this ability to love him unconditionally. His faults where many, some of which I inherited, but the passion with which he loved his wife and children was complete and intense. It drove him to make mistakes, be cruel when he thought he was being kind and try to make everyone bend to his will just so that he could keep them close and protect them. I know that he was always motivated by love.
I miss you, I miss the strength that you gave to our family, I miss the sound of your voice, I miss the meaningful words, I miss the silly jokes, I miss your strength and the way you at times drove me crazy.
I love you with a strength and loyalty that I inherited from you and only you truly understand. I love you Dad and I'm glad you are watching over as we try our best to make it through this day. Yours Always & Forever, Alaine


  1. That is the best description of Grandad's personality and character I have heard/read. You captured the essence of him and I think you're right, he was motivated by love. I know that he would be proud of the way you honoured him today, as am I. Love you.

  2. Thanks honey I'm proud of you to! Love you more.