Saturday, June 7

Sex and the City

Last night the 3 women I am closest to and love the most in the world, and I, went to see the new 'Sex and the City' movie and then went out for dinner. It was fantastic, I absolutely loved this movie and was so surprised. I was a fan of the show but not fanatical, my daughter Kylie has the whole TV series on DVD, she is a huge fan. Me, I watched it whenever I could and with the amount of re-runs I am confident I've seen most of the episodes. The main reason we organised this 'girl's night' was because Kylie is getting married in 3 months and we thought we could combine movie watching with a wedding planning session afterwards.

Now, I wouldn't have thought I'd have much in common with four women in New York City looking for love, but they reflected the true essence of women's bonds and friendship that I found myself completely relating to them and their feelings. The days when you are feeling so low that only another woman who truly loves you will sit there feeding you, a friend who knows when you just can't take care of yourself and need to stay in your bed where you feel safe or you need your favourite cookie to eat, these are all feelings that most of us have experienced at some point in our lives. The bonds of women's friendships with each other are sacred and you can't possibly get through life without them. I am so lucky to have wonderful friends in my life! Thank you to my three favourite women, I couldn't do it each day without you, you have each in some way carried me through the last 6 months and if it wasn't for you I honestly don't know where I would be right now. Last but not least thank you to the men in our lives who do understand how much we need each other and how important our friendships are to us!
To the writer of the Sex and the City movie, thank you for writing a movie that encapsulates the friendships of women! This movie was a definite 5 stars from me!!!

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