Thursday, June 12

Fragile - Handle with care

That's how I feel after my counselling session yesterday. It was one of those hit by a train sessions that leave you feeling vulnerable, raw and exposed. But amazingly I'm still ok, I will however, admit that it would take very little to knock me over the edge.
There is no need to explain what came up during my session but after counselling there is usually a couple of days of digesting and analyzing the information that I have realised or learned. This time it's just too hard, I just can't work it out by myself. One of the reasons for that is I am remembering things that happened to me as a child but am trying to make sense of it as an adult, which of course doesn't work. So my five year old self perceived situations one way and me the adult perceives them another way. So oddly enough I'm actually looking forward to my next session so that I can figure some of this stuff out.

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