Saturday, June 14

What's Your Public Face?

More than ever these days most of us have a public face. This public face is the face that we choose to let the world see or the way we want the world to perceive us. So many of us are blogging so that even strangers see our 'public' face. The face we present is often who we want to be. Take blogging or face book for example, most of the time people think about what they put up because they want to be seen at their best or most successful. There is absolutely nothing wrong with putting your best self forward because it is too difficult to say, I'm not coping today or life is crap right now. But how much more can we help one another with this honesty?
In the past couple of months I have blogged some of the most difficult experiences of my life, deciding to do this was incredibly difficult. The reason I did it was in the hope that someone who was also struggling would know that they aren't alone, because when going through difficult emotional experiences even though you are surrounded by people who love you, it can be so lonely!!!! I have by no means blogged it all, in fact a lot of it was just too hard, or because I didn't want to hurt anyone in my extended family, but I've blogged enough for people to get the general idea. Most people who read this blog would be aware that getting out of bed and having a shower feels like a major achievement at the moment.
For me the approach that I have found the easiest lately is to take one step at a time. No planning the day so that at the end when not even half my plans have been achieved I don't feel like a failure. It has been more helpful to think about the next thing I need or want to do. I did this on Friday by thinking about getting the boys to school, then driving to the beautician, then going to the card-making day and then going to have my shoulder scan, of course I then went straight home to bed. One step is ok because if I start thinking that I have to do so many things in one day I will take the boys to school and go back to my room.
So my public face has been quiet exposed and that makes me feel vulnerable but I think it's important. Sometimes I fear that people will look at me differently or feel pity for me but then I remember that there are people reading my words that are in similar positions who may be helped by what they read on my blog.
So what is your public face? Do you let people know when your life isn't going the way you want or when you are simply having a bad day or is it easier to just smile and pretend?

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