Friday, May 23

No More Sleeps

All week my daughter has been sending me text messages telling me how many more sleeps until scrapbook camp, she is coming with us and it will be her first camp. We are leaving around 12pm today. We always go up early to avoid the traffic, otherwise it adds at least an hour to the trip and we book into the motel and have a sleep. I will really need that sleep today because I could not sleep last night, or I couldn't stay asleep, I couldn't seem to sleep for any longer than a few minutes then I would wake up and roll over, look at the clock. I really don't know why I couldn't sleep, it wasn't excitement for scrapbook camp, been on to many to get that excited.
I finished The Secret Bride a couple of days ago, and it was good but I'm having trouble getting into another book at the moment. Might take Pride and Prejudice with me on the weekend and then try another book next week.
Anyway, should have lots of pages to show when I get back.

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