Friday, May 16

New Discovery

The weekend has arrived and thank goodness my darling daughter will be home. She started a new job this week and I have really missed spending time with her. So I've been a bit lonely but I have discovered audio books. I listened to one earlier this week on my laptop which was good and then today I spent 4 hours doing housework and listened to another, although I won't finish it until next week. It actually made doing the housework and baskets of folding much more enjoyable. My darling husband bought me an MP3 player for Mother's day because he'd heard me mention that my younger daughter had mine and I wish I could listen to audio books on it. So he bought me another one, which was so sweet, I didn't even know he heard me.
Anyway, I plan on getting photos printed for scrapbook camp this weekend and packing my stuff for camp. It's such a big job packing paper and tools and embellishments etc etc etc. But it will be worth it and I am starting to get excited. The reason I have to pack this weekend is so that I can go and help BF pack next week. Hope you all have a great weekend!

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