Thursday, May 15

8 Sleeps

Only 8 more sleeps until scrapbook camp. Why on earth would one look forward to hours of preparation and packing, a very long drive, 2 days of very little sleep, an even longer drive home (well it always feels it) and then even more unpacking.
Because when we do arrive, we sleep in an air conditioned motel room, get feed not only 3 meals a day but, morning and afternoon tea and supper, at some point, sometimes several, there will be laughter until you cry, followed by gasping for breath. Lots of lovely scrapbooking goodies to look at, and then during all this we create beautiful pages and cards to bring home and show everyone. It's more than just a weekend away from all the household chores and routine, it's sharing your photos and pages of the people you love the most with other women who share theirs. It reminds you of how much you love and appreciate them, well sometimes!

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