Friday, April 4


I have been ready to swing into action since Tuesday night when I had an overwhelming feeling that there wasn't much time for my BF's Mum. So I rushed around and cleaned the house, bizarre I know, but I did. I filled the car with petrol, organised clothes to wear so that when the phone call came I could jump in my car and go to where I was needed. Thinking that the phone call would mean the end. I wasn't going to be caught off guard by death again, this time I'd be ready!
Well today, I have worried all day, most days I manage to distract myself but not today. I waited for the phone to ring or a text message. Apart from one this morning I hadn't heard anything all day. I knew things had deteriorated but didn't know to what. Finally got a text message whilst at a meeting tonight, so I sent one back saying let me know when you can talk no matter what time and I'll ring. So at 11.30pm the call finally came and what I heard on the other end was exhaustion, despair and 'we need you'. Not because it's the end but because we need some hugs and reminders that we'll survive this. So first thing in the morning the boys and I are going to Toowoomba to be with our friends. It is such a relief to actually be able to do something instead of sitting around here doing nothing but wait.
To my Dad, I haven't had much sleep this week and you know how easily I fall asleep at the wheel, so please keep me and the boys safe while we go to help the people we love. The same people who helped us when our hearts broke the day you went away. Love you!

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