Thursday, April 3

Free Books for Aussies

Kristianne and I have found ourselves increasingly jealous of the US book-swapping sites recently. We want free books without having to pay the overdue fees on our library cards! Being the proactive bibliophiles that we are we've decided to do something about it. As of Saturday, all Aussies will be able to sign up to our very own book-swapping network and we're giving away free books to celebrate.
To kick off the swapping, we're donating twelve of our all-time favourite books from each literary category. We have read and loved each of these books. In fact, we had such trouble parting with them we've bought some of them brand new for the swap just so we didn't have to part with our copies! And here's the best bit. The 38th member to sign up to the site will receive a free signed hardcover copy of Jeffery Archer's new bestseller, Prisoner of Birth. I am so excited to be giving this away!
The cyber-party and book-loving kicks off on Saturday 5th April at 10am. A link to our new website will be posted both to Reading, Writing & Ranting and Alaine's Reading Blog. There will be plenty of info up on the day and we will be available to answer questions. So please come and check us out and tell all your friends. You won't be disappointed!

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