Wednesday, April 2

There's a Storm Coming

I can see it coming this time and it's not going to hit my house, but it is about to hit the house of someone I love and that is hard to watch when you are helpless to do anything. No one knows the damage this storm will do or whether it will hit in an hour, a day or a week. All we know it that it's going to hit very soon.
Soon I will have to go to my friends house and help in the clean up operation, some of the damage will be obvious, but some of it won't be visible to the naked eye, like electrical damage, you won't know until you go to turn it on. For now I sit and wait for the call to say it's hit, the storm has already begun but the worst is yet to come.
If I could only blow this storm away I would, but I can't so I can only hope that the storm passes quickly.

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