Tuesday, April 1

Sleep - where are you?

For reasons completely unknown to me I have not been able to sleep tonight. It is 3.45am and I have tried to go to bed and sleep twice. I was doing some surfing on the net last night and then at midnight thought I'd better go to sleep because time had slipped away but at 12.30 I gave up and thought I'd try getting up and coming out into the living room, so did some more surfing on the net and tried again at 1am. By 1.30am I was laying in my bed thinking I might as well get up and fold the washing, so I folded 5 huge baskets of laundry and then made the boys school lunches for tomorrow, well today and now I am waiting until it is 4am and Ian is getting up for work. I have been waiting for half an hour because I didn't want to disturb him. So I'm going to have another go at 4am. Wish me luck!
Why couldn't I sleep? Had a great idea for a blog, don't know if it's good until I can ask Annie in the morning, it may have been a sleep deprived insane idea. More later!!!!!

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