Saturday, April 5

Aussie Book Karma Debut

I must admit, this feels a little like Christmas morning. You work yourself into a state of exhaustion the week before, trying to make sure everything is 'just right' and then the night before, when everything is perfect and you should be sleeping, you find yourself hit with insomnia because your so excited. But then before you know it, it's CHRISTMAS!

If you're an Aussie who loves books anywhere near as much as Mum and I do then this will be a Christmas of sorts for you. But before I give you the link and let you open your pressies, I need to let you know of a couple of things.

The site is called Aussie Book Karma because we believe that when it comes to book swapping, the principles of karma are paramount. You need to give first in order to receive and if you add a book you've loved, you're more likely to find something you love to swap it with. To begin with, you'll need to have 10 books you're willing to give away.

You'll find instructions on how to swap on the homepage however for today, the rules will be a little different. There will be 20 books available to begin with and these will be allocated on a first in first served basis. If you want to claim one of these books, you'll need to be the first person to fill out the 'Redeem My Karma Credits Form' (located on the website). Each member will begin with one credit only and one credit = one book. As members register throughout the day, we'll continue to add more books and you'll be able to keep swapping. As soon as someone else requests one of your books, you earn another credit.

We'll be on hand today to answer any questions at aussiebookkarma at hotmail dot com. The site will be updated frequently today with new books and new members so make sure you check back regularly! This being said, please allow some time for us to add your details and first 10 books.

OK. Ready to open your pressies now?

HERE'S THE LINK: Aussie Book Karma

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