Tuesday, March 18

In the Dark Again

I have finally admitted to myself this morning that I have sunk back into the dark hole! I have tried so hard to fight it for the past two weeks but this morning I realised just how bad I am feeling again. It was a bit of a give away that I haven't really gotten out of bed for the past three days! I have no idea how to escape from it since only two weeks ago I actually felt like it had lifted and I felt almost like myself again. Being aware of what has made me feel this bad again doesn't change it either, even though I hoped it would. It also doesn't help that my closest friend and the one person I am likely to admit it to is away spending time with her Mum who has a terminal illness. She is not here for me to talk to everyday and make me laugh about silly things. When I look around and see all the things that need to be done I tell myself I'll get up out of bed and do them soon, but they still sit there, waiting! On a positive note, I have still cooked dinner for my family and been reading my book. When it was at it's worst I couldn't even do that, so that is a good sign.
Well speaking of books, Henry VIII is about to rid himself of his 4th wife, and because I don't actually know how he does that I must get back to my book to find out!

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