Wednesday, March 19

The Boleyn Inheritance

Sadly this is the last book written so far in the Tudor series and I am devastated that I am finished. This book was probably my 3rd favourite, only just behind The Other Boleyn Girl and The Queen's Fool. This book is written in 1st person, which I love, but the story is told by 3 different characters. The book is about Henry VIII 4th and 5th wives and it is truly fascinating.Who Wants to be Queen? This is an excerp from Katherine Howard, Henry 5th wife.
'Being the wife of a king is not all dancing and parties in the rose garden. I work as hard as any dairymaid, but I work at night in secret and noboby must ever know what it costs me. Nobody must ever know that I am so disgusted that I could vomit... Nobody knows how hard I earn my sables and pearls...Am I going to spend every night of my womanhood seducing a man old enough to be my father? Almost my grandfather? I am just fifteen years old; am I never going to taste a sweet kiss again from a clean mouth....Shall I spend the rest of my life jiggling up and down on something helpless and limp and then crying out with pretended delight when it slowly, flaccidly stirs beneath me?'
I think I'll stick with my 21st century husband with modern medicine and a toothbrush. All jokes aside these books that Philippa Gregory has written give a fascinating insight into the 16th century and what was going on not just in England but all over Europe. I highly recommend them!


  1. O.k, Im interested , lol!!, I've been watching the tudors on FOX, but once again the books seem mmuch more interesting, so I'll have to buy them!