Friday, February 22


This week I have packed, cleaned, washed, folded, ironed and cooked. Is it a sign I am feeling better? I have been feeling better this week and am looking forward to scrapbook camp. Sheree and I are leaving at lunch time, we will do the 2 hour drive and then we will get our key to our room and read and relax for a couple of hours before we can start scrapping at 5pm. I have a card ready to do and an idea for a layout to start with. I have got plenty of photos to scrap, lots of them include our dog Buddy, who is certainly the centre of our universe these days. Anyway, stay tuned and I will post some new cards and layouts on Monday.
Congratulations to my husband the coach of my son's team and my son Kenzie for ending their indoor soccer/futsal season as premiers (that means they did not lose a game up to finals). They lost their final last night, but the boys played well and I was very proud of them.

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