Tuesday, February 19

Scrapbook Camp

This weekend I am going to Scrapbook camp. There is always so much work to do to get ready for it. But it is always worth it, I have never been disappointed or had a bad time. In fact, we usually laugh 'a lot', eat 'a lot' and scrap 'a lot' and I'd say it is in that order, I probably should have also included spend 'a lot'! We went and got our photos printed today and stocked up our chocolate pile. I have some really nice photos to scrap of the boys and Buddy. Want to make a few more cards as well. I have only scrapped one page since the last camp in November.
Am on to the next Phillipa Gregory novel, 'The Vigin's Lover', it is not written in the first person, it is in third, and I am having a little trouble getting into it, although I do think that is because I haven't had time to sit and read for a couple of hours which is what it needs so I can get involved in the story. I am still enjoying it though. I can't believe I have already read six books this year. It has however been great therapy, takes your mind off your troubles.
My youngest son Mackenzie's indoor soccer team are playing in the finals this Thursday night, so all in all it is a pretty exciting week this week. Kylie and Troy are also going to Port Macquarie to visit Troy's niece for her birthday this weekend. So it will be pretty quiet at home with three of us gone. Anyway, I really better go and start packing because it usually takes several hours spread out over a couple of days to pack and yes, just as long to unpack when I get home. Alright, fine, it takes longer to unpack because I always come home with way more stuff.

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