Sunday, January 27

Reading At Last

I can't actually believe it but I have finished reading 2 novels in the past week! Considering I have not finished a book since my Dad died this feels like a major achievement. I found a new author I really like, Dorethea Benton Frank, she writes books set in South Carolina Lowcountry and the book I read was called Plantation. It was a story about a daughter's journey back to her roots. Frank has a very light-hearted comic writing style and I found myself laughing out loud.
Then on Friday I picked up a book that has been on my book shelf for a couple of years, Love Only Once by Johanna Lindsey. I was instantly reminded of why 'everybody loves a Lindsey', as I haven't read a historical romance for a couple of years and I'd forgotten how good they make you feel. So, as it was a two in one novel, I am compelled to read the next one.
It's funny how different my reading moods can be, sometimes I just don't feel like reading something I have to think about, yet it must keep me captivated or I get bored very easily. For these times, the historical romance is perfect, they are completely unrealistic so therefore I am transported to a world that is completely removed from my own. So I have a couple here that I've had for a few years, just waiting for me to be in the 'mood'.

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