Monday, January 28

Back to School

Summer holidays are over and now it is back to school. I am sure I have the back to school blues way worse than the boys do. I love school holidays, so relaxing and laid back. Today, I have sorted their closets, thrown out all the stuff that doesn't fit or is simply not wanted, cleaned their room,labelled all their school stuff and covered their books, well Kristianne did that for me. So we are ready for school and soccer!All the soccer gear is ready as well, we signed on today and got their boots on Saturday, Rory starts training this week. I even got all the school swimming gear ready which should start 2nd week of term. So I think I have done it all, now, just to get caught up on the house work!!!!! That will probably take until next holidays.
Only 7 weeks and 3 days until the Easter School holidays if anyone is interested!

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