Thursday, January 31

Another Romance Novel

Recently I have spent alot of time thinking why I enjoy reading romance novels. I don't read them all the time, but about one third of the books I read are historical romance novels. So, why? Whilst reading my most recent, Tender Rebel by Johanna Lindsey, I had a real connection to the hero. I wondered why as I read it over a couple of days, why did I feel this understanding of this character, why were the looks that he gave the heroin so easily seen in my imagination? Why do I love these books so much, why do they make me feel good when I finish that last page?
Then my husband reminded me with a little flurry of romance, just to prove he's still got it! But it is so much more than the romance and sexual tension that after 24 years of marriage we still have with each other. Just like these 'knight's in shining armour' he has the ability to drive me crazy, make me so furious I could kill him, and then make me weak at the knees with just a few words until we get some time 'alone'. Between us we have the 'looks', good and bad, we have little things that only the two of us understand, our private jokes and ways to tease each other and we have the passion. I know without a doubt that he would lay down his life to protect me, in fact, I am confident that there is very little he would not do for me, if I asked.
In my life nobody has ever made me cry as much as he has, but no one has made me feel so loved, desired and cherished. It's the good and the bad, you get them both, I don't think you can have one without the other. In so many ways he really is my 'knight in shining armour'!
So why do I read romance novels? Because sometimes life gets so busy and I forget to look at him like he is 'my knight in shining armour', then I read a romance novel and I remember.

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